Animal Services

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Augusta Animal Services is currently only conducting adoptions by appointment only.  If you wish to schedule an adoption consultation appointment please contact us at 706-790-6836

Mission Statement

The mission of Augusta Animal Services is to enforce state laws and local ordinances pertaining to the care and control of animals, protection of life and property, and to raise public awareness of responsible pet ownership.  Additionally, Augusta Animal Services strives to provide humane solutions for stray and homeless pets within the community through its return to owner, adoption, rescue, and foster efforts.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Investigate animal related complaints
  • Investigate allegations of animal cruelty
  • Investigate bite cases
  • Impound and quarantine unvaccinated animals involved in bite cases
  • Receive animals relinquished by citizens of Augusta; out of county fee required for non residents
  • Humane sheltering and treatment of lost, abandoned and released animals
  • Trap, catch and impound stray and nuisance animals
  • Educate the public on responsible pet ownership and animal related issues
  • Adopt sterilized animals to the public
  • Network with local/national rescue groups to unite animals with families
  • Disposal of dead animals on city streets
  • Humane euthanization of sick, injured, diseased and unadoptable animals

Performance and Statistics

Would you like to see some Animal Services statistics? Click here to see some performance information for Augusta Animal Services.