Division Information

Airport Division

The Airport Division provides twenty-four hour on-site law enforcement services to the Augusta Regional Airport. Deputy Marshals are responsible for the enforcement of local and state laws on airport property, as well as TSA and FAA regulations. The division staff also consists of part-time personnel who assist security with the monitoring of security cameras, door and fire alarms, and lightning detection system

Court Services Division

The Court Services Division is responsible for providing court security and court services for the Civil and Magistrate Court. This includes the following hearings: civil court, preliminary hearings, magistrate or ordinance court, bond hearings, and pre-arrest hearings.

Enforcement Division

The Enforcement Division investigates complaints of illegal dumping, littering, inoperative or junk vehicles, unauthorized use of a private receptacle, and vehicles traveling on the roadways with an unsecured load. The Enforcement Division also inspects all commercial solid waste trash trucks to ensure the safe handling, transportation, and disposal of commercial solid waste.

Security Division

The Security Division provides security for the Augusta-Richmond County Municipal Building, the Augusta Judicial Center, The Augusta Library and other Augusta properties and buildings. The work force for the Security Division is comprised of Deputy Marshals and part-time civilian personnel. Personnel at the Municipal Building and the Joint Law Enforcement Center are responsible for the screening of all visitors and packages to ensure a safe environment to the citizens conducting business, as well as to the employees

Service Division

The Service Division is responsible for the service of civil process primarily from Civil and Magistrate Court also known as small claims court. The Services Division is responsible for serving various lawsuits, bad check citations, garnishments, subpoenas, levying against property to satisfy judgments, carrying out court ordered evictions, as well as bench warrants processed by the Civil and Magistrate Court. The Service Division also assists with court services by providing additional manpower for various hearings and with the transportation of prisoners.