Swim Lessons

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  • Prices: $50 for Richmond County residents and $55 for non-Richmond County residents.
  • Orientation: Regardless of which class your child is registered for, the first day of class is designated for facility rules and skills testing.
  • Swim Apparel: All swim lesson students are required to wear swimsuits. Cut-offs, body suits, or street clothes are not allowed. Students must provide their own clean, dry towels. Swim caps are optional. However, if hair length is past the shoulder, a rubber-band is suggested. Swim caps are recommended for swimmers with potential ear problems.
  • Attendance and Conduct: Attendance is vital to the success of your child’s learning experience and progression through the program. Important skill development and safety skills are covered in each class. Therefore, make-ups are not allowed for missed classes. If a child is unwilling to participate in the lessons, we may recommend that they attend another class at a lower level.
  • Health Conditions: If your child has any type of medical problems, physical concerns, or limitations that need to be addressed (asthma, limited joint movement, or seizures), please provide this information to the instructor prior to class.

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