Fees & Policies

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General Public


Visit Pass



$152.50 $305.00
Senior Adults $4.00
$107.50 $215.00
Students/Military $3.00
$92.50 $185.00
Family N/A
 NA $475.00

Contracted Swim Teams

(Per Swimmer) - $24.00 

High School Swim Teams

(Per Lane) - $70.00

Proper Swim Attire

  • All patrons and visitors to the center are required to wear proper swimsuit attire. No cutoffs, jean shorts, or sweat pants are allowed. Also, no shirts are allowed over swimsuits.

Swimsuit Care Tips

  • Start with a good quality swimsuit (they will last longer). If the suit is chlorine resistant it will be included in the description of the suit. Chlorine still can harm these swimsuits, it will just take longer. Also, buying a suit with more spandex content is best. The suit will then hold its shape better and help you hold yours.
  • Wash the swimsuit by hand with a mild soap after every use. There are special swimsuit cleaners on the market.
  • Plain water does not remove the chlorine or salt-water.
  • Never wash your suit in a washing machine. Gently hand-wash it in the sink and hang it indoors to dry. The washing machine will stretch the fabric and ruin the bra cups that are sewn in most suits.
  • Do not dry your swimsuit in the dryer or in the sunlight. The sun and the dryer are both hard on the lycra and spandex in your suit. The sun will speed fading, and both will cause the breakdown of the elastic quality of your swimwear.
  • Alternate swimwear. Try to give your swimsuits at least 24 hours of drying before reusing. The spandex is a memory yarn. The swimsuit needs 24 hours to go back to its original shape. This will help stop the growing suit problem where your suit keeps getting longer.
  • Be careful where you sit, lay, or lean. Pool sides and many decks are rough so you don't slip. Though it may not feel rough to the touch, your suit will find it rough. It will run and pick the bottom of your suit or the front if you’re leaning over the edge. Take an extra second to sit or lay on a towel. Your bathing suit will last longer and you'll be happier.

What Parents Need to Know

  • It is mandatory that all children not 100% potty-trained;must wear swim pants (water permeable with elastic legs;and waistband);over a diaper or swim diaper. Swim diapers are preferred, and are available for purchase at the front desk.
  • Children need to be over;eight years of age to use the facility alone. Children must behave and act accordingly and appropriately at all times. Children;eight and under must be accompanied by an adult. Patrons must behave responsibly and in accordance with the rules at all times. The Augusta Aquatic Center reserves the right to refuse service for failure to follow the rules.

Locker Room

  • Augusta Aquatic Center offers locker rooms, with showers and private changing stalls for men and women. Locker rentals are available by request at the front desk.


  • Augusta Aquatics Center is handicap accessible throughout the facility.