Tax Assessor

Tax Assessor

After issuance of the manufactured home permit, the applicant must visit the:
Tax Assessor’s Office
Room 102
Municipal Building (next door to the Planning Commission)
530 Greene St.
Augusta, GA 30901

This must be done to ensure that all taxes due and payable are current. The Tax Assessor’s Office will then direct the applicant to the Tax Commissioner’s Office where the manufactured home sticker is issued. This sticker must be displayed on the manufactured home at all times.

Sewer & Septic Tank Usage

For manufactured homes not utilizing public sewer, the applicant must also contact the Health Department at (706) 667-4234 for septic tank inspection. The applicant must give the Health Department 24-hour notice for the septic tank inspection. However, it is not necessary to visit the Health Department to schedule the septic tank inspection. You may simply contact them by phone.

Even if a septic tank exists on the property, the Health Department must inspect the existing septic tank to see if the tank is in proper working order and inspect the septic tank for suitability of size as to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the proposed manufactured home.