Fitten Street Cemetery

Fitten & Johns Road

Augusta, GA 30904

Cemetery Information

Fitten Street Cemetery is located in the Sand Hills Historic Neighborhood. Augusta Commission voted on April 21, 1998 and approved for Augusta-Richmond County to assume general maintenance of the Summerville Cemetery on Fitten Street at no cost to the City. Not much is known of this cemetery except that supposedly 12 black Summer Hill residents bought the land in 1906 for a black cemetery.

All the members that started this 3.15 acre cemetery have now passed on. Perpetual Care money disappeared and for years the cemetery was in an overgrown state. City staff mowed the underbrush down periodically throughout the years by request of citizens before general maintenance at no cost by Augusta was approved. Today, City staff oversees periodic general maintenance duties, performed by prison laborers from Richmond County Correctional Institute. (RCCI) There are still funerals held there today, but are less frequent than any of the active cemeteries maintained and owned by Augusta-Richmond County.

Records Book

The location of the record book for the cemetery is unknown or if it even exists. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any records or the sexton's record book please contact Adrenna McCoy Carpenter at (706) 733-0059.