Rollersville Cemetery

1600 Block Hicks Street
Augusta, GA 30904


At one point in time Rollersville Cemetery (located at the 1600 Block of Hicks Street) was used as a private cemetery for the Huntington family. The first grave was that of orphan William S. Trainum. He died in a fire saving others lives and was buried on February 4, 1827. He was the sole burial until the death of Elizabeth Frish Huntington who was buried on October 31, 1849. The City took over the cemetery some years later and the first City burial was for H. Gray, he was a three-year-old infant, buried January 11, 1883.

1 1/3 acres of the cemetery was laid out for whites, 3/4 of an acre was laid out for blacks. The black part of the cemetery was full in the mid to late 1890s. The last recorded burial for this cemetery was an infant boy of A.P. Ledbetter, buried October 18, 1910. The record book for Rollersville cemetery is kept in the vault at Magnolia Cemetery.

In March 1936, there were quite a number of marked graves but of no importance according to Mr. Morton L. Reese. He recorded only two of the marked graves in the cemetery and they were in fair condition. At the time of Mr. Reese's visit he states that the cemetery was maintained by the city and there was a wire fence around the cemetery. Mr. Reese visited cemeteries in Richmond County in the 1920s and 1930s recording information on the stones.

Note: This cemetery is also known as Harrisburg Cemetery, which is the name on the record book kept in the vault at Magnolia Cemetery.


emetery Monument

Today, there is not a clue that Rollersville Cemetery was ever there except for a monument the City of Augusta placed in the center of the cemetery in 1981. The grave markers had long since disappeared, there is no hint of any of them to be found in the cemetery.

Monument Inscription, North Side

Rollersville Cemetery

Dedicated by the City of Augusta
1981 A.D.
Lewis A. Newman, Mayor
Cemetery Committee
B. L. Dent - Chairman
W. H. Grant Sr. - Co-Chairman
Inez R. Wylds
J. C. Jones
S. H. Elliott Jr.
M. L. Dewitt

Monument Inscription, South Side

Rollersville Cemetery

The first grave in this cemetery was that of orphan William S. Trainum who died in a fire while saving others' on Feb. 4, 1827. He was buried on the property of the Huntington family for whom he worked. His remained a solitary grave until the burial of Elizabeth Frish Huntington in 1849. Seven Huntington children were interred between 1851 and 1869 during the Civil War. This cemetery became the final resting place for fallen Confederate Soldiers and later for Civil Veterans. The Huntington and Bohler families jointly donated this cemetery to the Rollersville Community in 1862. After incorporating Rollersville in 1863 the City of Augusta employed a Caretaker who kept the burial records from 1883 until 1910 when the cemetery was closed. 3,598 burials of integrated races were recorded during this period.