Graveside Project

Project Description

In 2001, the City of Augusta Trees and Landscapes Department (now part of the Recreation and Park Department), in conjunction with the Augusta Information Technology Department, began work on an ambitious project to provide the public with access to the records of city-maintained cemeteries. The primary reason for this is that those records are of great interest to the public, history buffs, and genealogists.

The name given to this project was Graveside because it was cemetery-oriented and was done to perform a service to the community. Augusta’s Cemeteries have been the final resting places of our leaders, warriors, ministers, doctors, nurses, mothers, and fathers for many generations. The cemeteries are rich in heritage for multiple religions and ethnic backgrounds, and are quite literally small cities in themselves.


The goals of the Graveside Project are ambitious ones. The information contained in the database is growing daily, entered by volunteers that have generously given their time to perform the tedious task of data input. Eventually, all of the burial records will be listed in the database. Along with this, the cemeteries will be mapped, which will to provide online users access to specific sites (within a few feet) for where a particular grave is located. Future work will also include photographs of the grave markers so that an online user will be able to have a virtual tour of the cemetery.

Search the Graveside Database!

All the records gathered so far are available through the Graveside Database.