Welcome to the home page of Augusta's city cemeteries. The official city cemeteries: Magnolia, Cedar Grove, and Westview, represent Augusta's history from the early 1800's to the present day.

Magnolia Cemetery is the oldest cemetery, and serves as the final resting place for at least eighty-thousand people, many of whom are notable - or notorious. The cemetery derives its name from the stately magnolia trees that grace its streets.

Cedar Grove was originally designated as the burial place of Augusta's African-American community, and the records, which date to 1840, illustrate the transformation from slavery to freedom, making the cemetery a landmark of significant importance.

Augusta is a city with cemeteries of local historical significance beyond the city cemeteries, and links are provided to Arsenal, Rollersville, and Summerville Cemeteries as well.

The Graveside Project

Due to the significance of the cemeteries, Augusta has commissioned the Graveside Project, which involves the tremendous task of recording all cemetery records into a searchable database, known as Graveside. The information that has been gathered as part of this ongoing project has been made accessible online through the Graveside Database that the Augusta Information Technology Department has generously built and programmed to meet this need.