Land Development Review


Development Review Committee (DRC) - "Happy Hour" Information

Land Development Plan Submittal Workshop Information

Submitting Development Project Plans

  • E-Plan Submission
    • E-Plan (CAD & PDF) of development projects are required for each of the below submissions.  For digital data requirements and to submit, please visit E-Plan Submittal & Review
  • Site Plan Review
  • Subdivision Plan Review
  • Final Plat Review
    • For applications, checklists and additional information, please visit Final Plat Review

Variance Requests


Addressing & Road Naming

If you need an address, to request an address change, or seeking road naming standards and approval, please contact the GIS Division in the Information Technology Department at (706) 821-2514 or by sending an email to GIS Addressing. To view the Roads and Addressing Ordinance and other related documents, please visit the GIS Document Center