Comprehensive Plan


Augusta-Richmond County Comprehensive Plan 2018

The current Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2008 and focused on growth and land development through 2030. This 2035 Comprehensive Plan Update will set a unified vision and goals for growth and land development that will serve as a holistic blueprint to guide how and where growth will occur through 2035.

The Envision Augusta Comprehensive Plan is meant to be a living document that reflects the changes happening within Augusta.  It will help shape how Augusta will proceed into the future from a multitude of perspectives related to those required planning elements; housing, land use, economic development, transportation, community facilities, cultural resources, and environmental and natural resources.  

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The plan document lays the groundwork for establishing a clear vision, identifies community goals and serves the following functions:
  • It lays out a desired future for Augusta-Richmond County.
  • It guides how that future will be achieved.
  • It formulates a coordinated long-term planning program.
The plan document also addresses issues regarding transportation, economic development, cultural and natural resources, and land use in a coordinated manner and serves as a guide for how:
  • Land will be developed
  • Housing will be made available
  • Jobs will be attracted and retained
  • Recreational facilities will be improved
  • Public services and facilities will be provided
Working with the community and getting substantial feedback from residents, stakeholders, and commissioners alike, the plan illustrates the collective goals, objectives, and strategies for Augusta.
The plan is broken into four sections:
  • Preface
  • Community Profile
    • Analyzes all existing conditions of multiple elements.  It cross examines current community statistics with the past 2008 Comprehensive Plan
    • This information was presented to stakeholders and citizens to gauge initial impressions of the community as a whole.  The information in this section illustrates all the research conducted for the planning process.
  • Community Agenda
    • The Community Agenda formalizes a shared community vision, and work program, to meet the anticipated challenges of the next 20 years. The Community Agenda document includes the following vital components:
      • A list of “Needs and Opportunities”
      • A list of “Community Goals” and long-term policy objectives
      • A “Report of Accomplishments” that lists the status of projects from the previous comprehensive plan work program
      • A “Community Work Program” identifying specific implementation activities to be undertaken over the next five (5) years
  • Appendix