Motor Vehicle Record Review


Any employee whose job requires that they drive an Augusta, GA vehicle will be required to submit to a Motor Vehicle Record Review as a condition of employment. Potential employees applying for positions requiring that they drive a motor vehicle are required to have a 7 year driving history performed as a condition of employment.

Motor Vehicle Record Review Process

On a monthly basis, employees’ motor vehicle records are routinely reviewed on employees driving Augusta, GA vehicles. Selection is based on the employee's birthday - the month of birth is the month the motor vehicle records review is performed. (If an employee's birthday falls in July then a motor vehicle records check will be run every July as long as the employee is authorized to drive). Additional records reviews can be done at other times if there is just cause. All motor vehicle records reviews are performed only after receiving signed permission from the employee.

For additional information about this program please contact the Risk Management Division at (706) 821-2301.