Major Crimes

Created in December 2021, the Major Crimes Divisions is made up of two specialized trial units. These units are designed to bring a higher level of service to our victims and a greater degree of protection for our community. This division is made up of experienced prosecutors, investigators, and victim advocates who work relentlessly to protect our families, friends, and loved ones.

 The Violent Crimes Unit is focused on Serious Violent Felonies, such as Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Armed Robbery. The ADAs assigned to this unit are honing their skills to ensure that violent crime is addressed in our community, and victims get justice for the harm done to them.

The Special Victims Unit is focused on Sex Crimes, Crimes Against Children, and Crimes Against the Vulnerable and Elderly. This unit is specialized to ensure that justice is administered with the least amount of continuing trauma to our young victims, and that predators are never again able to harm others.