General Crimes

Our office is honored to serve the citizens of Burke and Richmond Counties! We are dedicated to making this the safest community for our friends, families, and loved ones! The General Crimes Division is comprised of the following personnel:

 Assistant District Attorneys

Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) are prosecutors who represent the State of Georgia in all felony cases in our community. ADAs work primarily in the courtroom, handling cases from the initial arrest all the way up to the Supreme Court of Georgia. ADAs in our community are committed to fairness, and work every day to ensure justice for victims, the accused, and the community.

Victim Advocates

The Victim and Witness Assistance Program is here to assist members of the community who are victims of crime, or who may have witnessed a crime. Our Victim Advocate Professionals (VAPs) offer guidance, support, information, and crisis counseling to victims of crime throughout the criminal justice process. Our VAPs make sure victims are kept informed of court proceedings and major updates in their case. They also provide travel arrangements for witnesses, collect information to ensure restitution is ordered, and make referrals to community partners for necessary services.

DA Investigators

The District Attorney’s Investigative Corps is comprised of sworn law enforcement officers who perform important functions for the District Attorney. DA Investigators (DAIs) review and secure evidence for trial, serve witness subpoenas, investigate crimes, locate and transport witnesses, and provide security when necessary. Most DAIs work closely with a trial team to ensure victims are served and the community is protected.

Legal Assistants

Our talented Legal Assistants are the backbone of the office. They do not often get the spotlight, but all the good work done by the District Attorney’s Office would not be possible without the people behind the scenes. Legal Assistants are detail-oriented professionals who keep the attorneys and staff organized and ready to perform at the highest level in the courtroom.