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Community Cleanups

Community Cleanups are a litter reduction program. They are targeted cleanups along roadways and other areas in Augusta that are designed to combat and reduce litter. Cleanups take place twice a month on different days and different times in order to allow community members with a variety of schedules to be able to attend and lend a hand. In one year, community cleanups resulted in over 2,300 lbs. of litter cleared from city roadways.

While these cleanups are similar to our Adopt-a-Spot program, these cleanups are suitable for individuals, and require less long-term commitment from volunteers. 

5 Easy Steps to Host a Cleanup

  1. Decide your location: public space, road, or median
  2. Complete your application (Click here)
  3. Sign release waiver
  4. Complete post cleanup report (Click here)
  5. Share your efforts