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Community Cleanups

Community Cleanups are a litter reduction program established by Keep Augusta Beautiful. They are targeted cleanups along roadways and other areas in Augusta that are designed to combat and reduce litter. Cleanups take place twice a month on different days and different times in order to allow community members with a variety of schedules to be able to attend and lend a hand. In one year, community cleanups resulted in over 2,300 lbs. of litter cleared from city roadways.

While these cleanups are similar to our Adopt-a-Spot program, these cleanups are suitable for individuals, and require less long-term commitment from 

5 Easy Steps to Host a Cleanup

  1. Decide your location: public space, road, or median
  2. Complete your application (Click here)
  3. Sign release waiver  (Click Here)
  4. Complete post cleanup report (Click here)
  5. Share your efforts