Our DA's Office

District Attorney Office Personnel

The District Attorney’s Office for the Augusta Judicial Circuit represents you, the people of the State of Georgia, in all felony matters occuring in Burke and Richmond Counties.

Our Mission is to protect the community, treat people fairly, and deliver true justice for victims of crime.

DA Williams’ vision is to lead a new era in prosecution where Victims are better protected, Citizens are treated fairly, and the Community has greater faith in its system of justice.

The DA’s Office is responsible for seeking justice in felony cases in Superior Court, The Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Georgia. We are also responsible for Juvenile Justice and crimes against children. DA Williams’ goal is to keep kids in classrooms and out of  courtrooms. This means devising new strategies to prevent youth entanglement in the justice system, while advancing the prosecution of those who would harm our little ones.

Our office is made up of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to making this community fa safe place for your family and loved ones. The DA’s Office employs a team of lawyers known as Assistant District Attorneys, Legal Assistants, Victim Advocates, and sworn law enforcement officers known as DA Investigators.

The work of the DA’s Office is about more than prosecuting cases. We are committed to our community and the strong values of Integrity, Fairness, and Justice. Our goal is to make the criminal justice system more fair, more efficient, and more effective at reducing crime. We are committed to providing advocacy, support, and resources to crime victims, witnesses, and their families. Wea re committed to ensuring the fairness of the process for all accused. We are committing to doing what’s; right, even when it’s hard, because the people of the Augusta Judicial Circuit deserve a District Attorney they can trust.