Worker's Compensation

What is Worker’s Comp?

Workers’ Compensation is a benefit program that provides medical and income benefits, and in certain circumstances, rehabilitation to an employee injured on the job. This program may also provide benefits to an employee’s dependents if death results from an on-the-job-injury. Augusta, Georgia’s Worker’s Compensation is administered by CorVel as our Third Party Administrator (TPA).

What is considered an on-the-job injury? 

Any injury or illness arising out of and in the course of employment is by definition an on–the-job injury. Claims for injury occurring during breaks, lunch or personal activity may not be compensable.

What should you do if injured at work?

  • If medical emergency-call 911. 
  • Report all injuries to your supervisor immediately. 
  • Call the CorVel 24/7 Nurse Line @ 855.443.5795, option 1, for injury evaluation and care direction. 
  • Apply first aid measures as directed or attend medical appointment as arranged by the 24/7 nurse. (CorVel nurses have access to the Augusta Panel of Physicians.)
  • The 24/7 nurse will send a Treatment Authorization directly to the treating physician in advance of your arrival. The 24/7 nurse will also send a text message with First Fill Pharmacy Card information or the Pharmacy Card can be obtained from Risk Management. 
  • of medications are prescribed, utilize Pharmacy Card. 
  •   Refer to posted Panel of Physicians to identify your treating provider, as needed. 

Who will manage your claim?

CorVel will assign an adjuster to handle your claim. If you are unable to work, the adjuster will contact you within 24-36 hours of the claim being reported to CorVel. You will be provided with the adjuster’s contact information for future reference. 

What are the supervisor’s responsibilities?

  • Ensure the employee calls the Employee Injury Call Center at 855-443-5795, option 1, to speak with a 24/7 nurse and get medical advice or get medical treatment scheduled.  If necessary, provide employee with the nearest emergency medical care.
  • Supervisor files a First Notice of Loss by calling the Employee Injury Call Center at 855-443-5795, option 2, as soon as possible, but at least within 24 hours after being made aware that a job related accident/injury has occurred or is being alleged. 
  • Immediately report (via telephone) any accident involving a serious injury and/or death to Risk Management.
  • Thoroughly investigate the accident or alleged accident and provide an incident report to Risk Management. 

Contact Info

Medical Only Claims: Sophia Meachum (678)222-7329, [email protected]
Lost Time Claims: DeAngelo Smith (678)222-7326, [email protected]

Risk Management Contact Information:
Judy Blackstone (706)821-2539, [email protected]
Kathleen Copeland (706)821-2302, [email protected]