Why is green infrastructure so important? What relevance does it have for urban development and urban society? What are the potentials and influences of urban green for social issues, health, climate, biodiversity, and building culture?

Green infrastructure is considered important or very important in citizen surveys, with a continuous increase. Parks and greenspaces, as well as green and attractive living environments, increase quality of life and vitality. Green cities score in the competition for locations. Urban green promotes relaxation and health, enables encounters and participation and creates creative spaces for all city dwellers. It also promotes a healthy climate, the preservation of biodiversity and at the same time serves to keep air clean. Last but not least, green infrastructure is a positive image carrier for municipalities.

The City of Augusta, through the Parks and Recreation Department, maintains more than 70 parks of all sizes, as well as greenspaces, athletic fields, walking trails, playgrounds, boating and fishing areas, dog parks, and cemeteries.

We continuously strive to provide you with clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing park facilities, and would love to hear from you, should you encounter any park issues. You can either call our administrative office at (706) 796-5025 or you can submit a service request here:



Outdoor Recreation

From shooting some hoops to discovering walking trails, from getting closer to nature to improving your health, our parks offer a wide variety of self-guided activities for individuals, groups, and families.

Park Amenities

Our parks come with different amenities - depending on the park, you can find shelters, tennis courts, comfort stations, or walking tracks. If you’re interested in discovering a park in your area, or looking for specific amenities - you’ll find them here.

Park Maintenance

Meet the staff that ensures safe and enjoyable parks and playgrounds and learn a little more about their daily work. Together with Keep Augusta Beautiful, we are always looking for volunteers and groups who are interested in adopting a park or participate in a project.


Since 1817, our cemeteries represent Augusta’s history, with many stories to tell. Our three official cemeteries - Magnolia Cemetery, Cedar Grove Cemetery, and Westview Cemetery - are maintained by the Parks Division, as well as other cemeteries such as Arsenal Cemetery, Rollersville Cemetery, or Summerville Cemetery.