• After reasonable attempts to notify the owner or responsible parties have failed and/or the owner or responsible party has failed to comply with the Notice of Violation letter a court summons to Magistrate Court may be issued.
  • A fifty-dollar ($50) re-inspection fee will be assessed after a re-inspection is completed and the violation(s) have not been corrected.
  • A five-hundred dollar ($500) re-occupancy penalty will be assessed to the person responsible for any vacant structure under a code violation notice that has been reoccupied prior to code inspection and compliance.
  • Per Section 1-6-1 General penalty for violation of Code, etc. violation of this code shall be considered a misdemeanor  carrying a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) or by imprisonment not exceeding sixty (60) days either or both in discretion of the judge or the court having jurisdiction.