Fire Safety

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Fire Safety Education

Fire Safety Education includes the following:

  • Adopt-A-School - A program that teaches fire safety to grade school children
  • Juvenile Firesetter - A program that targets juveniles that have set fires or are fascinated with fires
  • Retired Senior Volunteers – This program accepts senior citizens as volunteers to assist with Fire Safety events
  • Citizen Evacuation Drill – A mock emergency scenario is simulated to give participants a hands-on perspective of emergency fire evacuation

The objective for the “Alert Augusta” Fire Safety program is to meet the Department’s mission of providing emergency services through community-focused education, outreach, and operational standards that will create a safer Augusta.

Did you know that cooking, heating, and electric are the three most common causes of home fires?

The best way to protect you, your family, and your home safe from a fire is to:

1.) Have working smoke alarms in key areas of your home. Make sure you test them every month.

2.) Have an escape plan & practice it with your family.

3.) Know how to put out a cooking fire, or have a fire extinguisher in your home in case of emergencies.