Absentee Ballots


 In order to receive an absentee ballot through the mail, a voter must first apply in writing by completing and submitting an application.
 The Georgia application for an absentee ballot may be found here:

If you need to cancel, spoil or request a new absentee ballot, please complete the below form

For Military and Overseas Voters, an application for an absentee ballot may be found here:

No absentee ballots will be issued or cast on the Monday preceding the date of the election. For more information call (706) 821-2340.

Absentee Ballots Through The Mail


Georgia law allows for absentee by mail ballots to be requested no earlier than 78 days and no later than 11 days prior to an election.  To request an absentee ballot, voters should complete an absentee ballot application and return the absentee ballot application to the Board of Elections office.  Absentee ballot applications can be returned by mail, fax, email (as an attachment), or in-person to the Board of Elections Office listed below.

During a Primary, the application must also state the voter’s party preference.
 No reason is necessary when requesting a ballot be mailed. 

535 Telfair St.
 Suite 500
 Augusta, Georgia, 30901
 Phone: (706) 821-2340
 Fax: (706) 821-2814
 All voted ballots must be returned by 7:00 PM Election night.  

Voted Ballots may be hand delivered to the Board of Elections office or dropped in a Drop Box.

Ballot Tracking

To find out if the Board of Elections has received your application for an absentee ballot, when your ballot was mailed, or if your voted ballot has been returned view the Georgia Secretary of State website.


Drop Boxes


Drop Boxes will be available while Advance Voting is taking place in the Linda W. Beazley Room of the Municipal Building, 535 Telfair Street, Augusta, GA 30901.