Tips On Landing a Career With Augusta, Georgia

Your application is a reflection of YOU, so Make It A Good One! There’s a saying “The first impression is the last impression!” So you want to make sure to submit a refined application with updated supporting documents such as an updated resume, cover letter, and professional references. Employers may view the appearance and completeness of your application as a clue to how important high quality work is to you. 

Additionally, taking the time to submit a polished application speaks volume and may be the prerequisite to getting that phone call from the hiring department to interview! Below are some helpful tips on how to submit that polished application.

  • Complete the application in its entirety and do not leave sections blank. If sections do not apply to you, simply respond with "not applicable" or "n/a". Do not use "see resume" to describe your work experienceWe do not accept applications that are incomplete.  An incomplete application may cause you to not be considered for the position.

  • Always answer questions truthfully. By electronically signing your application, you are acknowledging that the information is accurate. You may be denied employment or employment may be terminated in the future if you are not truthful about the information stated on your application.

  • Make sure your work experience is evident on your application and coincides with the key responsibilities, (KSA) knowledge, skills, and abilities, and most importantly meeting the Minimum Qualifications for the Education and Experience. If you have unrelated experience, it is fine to mention; however, do not spend a lot of space on your application describing it.

  • Work experience should be detailed and not written in one or two sentences; this could end up keeping your application from being referred and getting that job! Remember, your application is a reflection of YOU and your quality of work! 

  • Keep your application consistent with your resume. Make sure all dates, names, titles, etc., on your application coincide with the information on your resume.

  • Proofread your application for typos and grammatical mistakes before submitting it. Be sure to capitalize words when needed such as names and address. Remember to check your spelling! If you have misspelled words on your employment application or resume, your chances of getting that phone call could decrease.

  • Be sure your contact information is updated in case the hiring manager contacts you. If an employer leaves you a voicemail regarding a job offer, promptly return the call. If you can’t reach the caller, be sure to leave your name, number, and that you are interested in the job. Never assume the employer will call you a second time!

  • Are you a Veteran? If so, be sure to translate military jargon to civilian work experiences, spell out acronyms, and give specific examples of your leadership experience/abilities as it relates to the position for which you are applying.

  • When given the opportunity to interview, keep in mind that first impressions are lasting impressions! Not only do you want to land that career you want, good hygiene and being well groomed is just as important because you are incorporating your attire into the overall presentation. Hiring managers will decide within an instant if they do not want to hire you; however, if your presentation is flawless and your attire matches, they may have a more difficult time eliminating you from their list!  

  • RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH the company/organization you are interested in working with. There is nothing worse than interviewing for an employer you know nothing about. To find out more about Augusta, Georgia visit www.augustaga.gov

  • Bring an updated resume and a few references. If you have other documentation that may make you more marketable, bring that as well! Remember, you want to bring everything professional to the table, to show why YOU are the best candidate for the position.

  • For additional questions regarding this page, please call the Employment Line at 706-821-6301, Monday thru Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm, except local holidays.