Safety Recognition Program


To provide safe, well maintained facilities for conducting business needs and enjoying recreational activities. 

Earn Recognition

  1. Select departments must conduct monthly facility inspections of all respective facilities (buildings and outdoor areas) throughout the year.
  2. Schedule and conduct safety training as directed in the Personnel, Policy & Procedures Manual. Risk Management will present the topics: Substance Abuse Policy, Protection against Tornados & Inclement Weather, Fire Safety, Heat Stress,  Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens and Workplace Violence/Bullying. All seven classes must be completed between January 1st and December 31st annually. 

How Departments are Recognized

Each department to complete all monthly facility inspections throughout the year will receive a Certificate of Acknowledgement, public recognition in the Augusta Newsletter, and a congratulatory acknowledgement published via Augusta Notice.

Each department to complete all required annual safety training provided by Risk Management will receive the same recognition mentioned above.

Every Department can be Recognized

Although select departments are not responsible for facilities to inspect monthly, all departments may be recognized by completing the annual safety training. 

Monthly Facility Inspection Forms & Facility Tabulation Spreadsheet