Electronic Plan (ePlan) Review

Effective October 1, 2018, the Augusta, Georgia Government, in collaboration with the Richmond County Health Department, is launching a new process for the submission, review and approval of development projects.  As part of the Augusta’s Going Green initiative, electronic plan (ePlan) review replaces the  traditional paper-based process for submitting development projects, such as land subdivisions (Development Plans), Final Plats, and Site Plans (and including, but not limited to, other development-related projects, such as grading and erosion and sedimentation only plans & right-of-way abandonments).

The electronic plan (ePlan), consisting of:
  • digital copy (PDF format) of the traditional plans submitted
  • the computer-aided design (CAD) file
  • all supporting documentation such as calculations, reports and required forms and worksheets
is required to be submitted as part of the ePlan process. The ePlan is not only used to enhance Augusta’s Enterprise geodatabase with planned / future infrastructure, buildings, and other development-related attributes, but it also is used by all reviewing agencies.  ePlan will streamline the review process, improve communications with design engineers and their developers, and serve as a central repository for all plan-review-related information.

ePlan and "going green” has multiple benefits to all individuals involved in the plan review process that include:
  • costs production of paper plans will be reduced
  • trips to Planning and Development to drop off plan submittals and resubmittals (or shipping plans to Planning and Development) will be almost totally eliminated
  • P&D staff time for plan distribution to the various reviewing departments will be drastically reduced
  • efficiencies will be created externally in communication to the design engineers and their developers on plan review status and required plan review revisions for resubmittal (as applicable) 
  • a central repository will be created for all plan review comments, and
  • most important of all, the plan review process will be greatly streamlined!
Augusta is proud to offer ePlan in order to provide a better development project review experience for all involved parties, including plan applicants, owners, developers and plan-review departments.
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ePlan Process Workflow

Submission Process

  1. Submit an application for development project review
    • Plans should be submitted online via the  ePlan Application
      • PDF should include every sheet that would normally be part of print submission
      • CAD (DWG) file is preferred to be in GA State Plane.  For CAD recommendations, please see the Digital Data Technical Guide
    • Any resubmittals for conditional approvals or denials should not be sent until all comments are received by reviewing agents as each resubmit is subject to a resubmittal fee (for each resubmittal)
  2. Fee Payment & Submittal
    • Payment for submittals / resubmittals must still be made with Planning & Development either:
      • Via the Application: Credit Card at the end of the application form
      • Via Email: sending the Credit Card form via email to P&D
      • In person: payments can be made via cash, check (Payable to Augusta P&D) or via VISA/MasterCard
      • As of May 1, 2019 the fee per disturbed acre is $55.00; made payable to the Augusta Planning and Development Dept.

    • Payments sent via email or made in person can only be done so during the hours of 8:30am-9:30am, Tuesday through Friday
    • Please call Planning & Development at 706-821-1796 to make such payments upon confirmation of fee total
  3. ePlan Assignment for Review
  • Once payment is made for all fees and all digital submissions are received. Planning & Development will proceed with assignment of a Site Plan/Subdivision number
  • If all the necessary documents are submitted, the application is accepted for review.  The applicant and owner will receive notification of acceptance, with a direct link to the review details.  
  • The ePlan Review is initiated in the system, along with provided documents for the various departments/agencies

Review Process

During this implementation period, if you have any questions regarding ePlan submission or encounter any difficulties, please contact the following:

For Planning & Development inquiries:
Kevin Boyd, Development Services Manager: Ph: 706-821-7173

General inquires can be emailed to: Planning & Development Email