Electronic Plan (ePlan) Review

IT-GIS and Planning & Development have implemented new means of submitting all development plans electronically (ePlan). As required by development regulations, the digital data that is submitted is not only used to enhance the enterprise geodatabase with planned infrastructure, buildings, etc., but will be used by some departments for plan review. When fully functional, ePlan Submittal & Review will streamline the process, improve communications and centralize review for accuracy. Through use of an electronic process, your costs for paper production will be reduced, staff time of plan assembly for delivery to the various departments will be minimal and it will serve as a more efficient tool between all parties. It is part of the Augusta’s Going Green initiative.

The ePlan process is a two-phased implementation. Phase One which includes ePlan submittal has been implemented with the possibility of future enhancements. Upon fully implementing, Phase Two will commence ePlan review. The reviewing process will feature capabilities for users to mark-up a single set of plans and collaborate.

ePlan Process Workflow

Submission Process

  1. Submit an Electronic Application Form
    • Plans should be submitted via the online form
      • The electronic file should include a complete PDF of the paper plan and a CAD file (DWG)
      • For plan requirements, please see the submission guidelines
      • Any resubmittals for denials, can be sent directly to GIS Development Planning Email
      • If resubmitting, please include the Site or Development plan number assigned as the email subject; i.e. S-843 McCoys Creek Phase IIA
      • Payment for resubmittals must still be made with Planning & Development
  2. Fee Payment & Submittal
    • Payments can be made via cash, check (Payable to Augusta P&D) or via Visa/MasterCard
    • E-payments are currently only accepted over the phone. Please call Planning & Development at 706-821-1796 to make such payments upon confirmation of fee total
  3. Development Plan Assignment
    • Once payment has been made for all fees, Planning & Development will proceed with assignment of a Site Plan/Subdivision number
    • If all the necessary documents have been submitted, the review process with various departments/agencies will begin

Review Process

While some departments already have means of electronically reviewing documents, full incorporation of electronic review is still under review for best practices. Those that have the capability currently will use the digital data provided, while all others review the paper copies. For the required number of copies, to submit, please review the respective development documents. All department approvals or rejections will continue to be forwarded to Planning & Development for notification.
During this implementation period, if you have any questions regarding electronic submission or encounter any difficulties, please contact the following:

For GIS related inquiries:
Michele Pearman, GIS Manager, Ph: 706-821-2843
Marques Perry, GIS Analyst, Ph: 706-821-2514

For Planning & Development inquiries:
Terri Turner, Development Administrator, Ph: 706-821-1796

General inquires can be emailed to: GIS Development Planning Email