SPLOST Projects

Several mid-size SPLOST funded projects are kicking off this year, and several more are in the planning phase. The five projects that are begin soon are as follows: Fleming Sports Complex and Bernie Ward Community Center, Jamestown Park, Lombard Mill Pond Trail, Dyess Park, and Lake Olmstead Park. Ron and Christa will be working with consultant teams to update these park master plans, host public meetings, and oversee construction for renovations and upgrades at each of these parks. The work to be done is outlined in the 2016 Recreation and Parks Master Plan, although there are a few additions – such as a few new splash pads – that will be included in some of the parks. These projects are just a few of those that will be occurring in the next few years.

As these projects are implemented, stay tuned for opportunities to view or provide input to the plan. The work may eventually require temporary park closures or limited rental facility availability while renovations are made. We are still months ahead of the construction work, but you may hear more about this as we move through the year. As we go through these renovation projects, please let the Recreation and Park office if you have any questions

Bernie Ward/Fleming Park

Birnie Ward/Fleming

Jamestown Park


Lake Olmstead

Julian Smith Gazebo