Employee Recognition

12-2018 EOM Picture - Coleman, Marvin (1)

Date January 8, 2019

Mayor Davis:

The Employee Recognition Committee has selected Marvin Coleman as Augusta, Georgia’s Employee of the Month for December 2018.

Mr. Coleman is wonderful to know and a pleasure to work with as an employee. He has been with the Augusta Utilities Maintenance Group for the past 5 ½ years. Mr. Coleman has demonstrated his skills and craftsmanship by performing masonry work when needed. His excellent skills has not only produced attractive work, but has considerably saved Augusta, Georgia in costs verses the hiring of contractors. He has allowed the Utilities Department to build rooms and containment areas for just the cost of materials, which has saved Augusta, Georgia $18,300.00 on two separate projects.

Marvin has always been a team player and is quick to help others in any situation. He never shies away from any project and takes pride in his work. Marvin uses his talents to enhance the quality of life in Augusta, Georgia, through community involvement. As a volunteer, he helped to deliver emergency generators to other water systems that had been impacted by the last three hurricanes that affected Georgia. He is applauded for being one of Augusta, Georgia’s most industrious workers.

Based on this nomination, Marvin Coleman’s outstanding contribution to the Augusta Utilities Maintenance Group and service to Augusta, Georgia, the Employee Recognition Committee would appreciate you joining us in recognizing Marvin Coleman as the December 2018 Employee of the Month.

Thank you,

The Employee Recognition Committee:
Sylvia Williams, Committee Chairperson
Alma R. Phillips, Employee Relations
Takiyah A. Douse, Central Services
Edeltraud Coleman, Finance
Linda Jones, Utilities
Carla S. Moore, Tax Assessor’s Office
Robert Silas, Sheriff’s Office