About Us

We are a revamped initiative to educate the citizens of Augusta on the importance of recycling and how it impacts their community, neighborhoods, and personal lives. A promotional initiative to reduce the amount of litter throughout our county and bring awareness to the importance of caring for our respective and communal spaces. A centralized location to find out what community events and cleanups are happening and when. A centralized location to reach community partners and volunteers if you want to host a cleanup event in your area.

Ensuring affiliation with not only the nationally recognized organization but the state recognized organization will help the citizens of Augusta, GA lead better, cleaner lives by providing the tools and education to make smarter recycling decisions. It will provide avenues to assess the needs of each community and best practices to assist those communities that need additional help.

Keep Augusta Beautiful will perform as a hub of sorts for citizens to contact regarding ongoing projects in and around their neighborhoods. There are multiple partners that are cleaning up areas all across our city. Keep Augusta Beautiful wants to be a centralized location for updates on ongoing beautification efforts. Keep Augusta Beautiful will have a presence at each event possible or assist the organizations through various other efforts.