Pre-Certification Board

  1. KAB 11

    Sholonda Smith

    KAUGB Administrative Assistant
    Sholonda Smith is an Augusta native; she was born and raised right here in Augusta. She is the Administrative Assistant of Keep Augusta Beautiful. She has been working for the City of Augusta for the past 5 years in the Environmental Services Department as an Administrative Assistant and Code Enforcement Officer. She has learned the importance of recycling, cleaning and beautifying this community through working directly with citizens that struggle with these issues. Educating to keep Augusta Beautiful is important because Augusta is home for Sholonda. Sholonda would like to see positive growth here and be more of assistance to the citizens that struggle with recycling, cleaning and beautifying Augusta.

  1. KAB 6

    Lori Videtto

    Environmental Services Director
    Lori Videtto is the current Director of Augusta’s Environmental Services Department. It has been her mission to assist the community with its litter-prevention, trash collection, and beautification needs. She believes in the community’s need for Keep Augusta Beautiful and works tirelessly to ensure that it succeeds.

  1. KAB 5

    Leadra Collins

    Public Education Specialist/Information Officer
    Leadra Collins is a life-long resident of Augusta, Georgia where she was educated in the public Richmond County School System.  She is a proud 1994 graduate of A. R. Johnson Health Science and Engineering High School, that she considers the “best little high school” in Richmond County and the state of Georgia.  Leadra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics from Fisk University, in Nashville, TN. She is currently the Public Education Specialist/Information Officer for the City of Augusta’s Utilities Department.  Her responsibilities include creating public awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship, water quality protection, and sustainability issues.  

    Keeping the city where she was born and raised is important to Leadra in order to foster good stewardship of the environment as well as promoting better health of people.  She also believes that this initiative is important to also promote tourism for the city, and to maintain the city’s positive reputation of being the “Garden City”.  Her efforts to assist the organization will include creating public awareness and engagement, educating the public, and jumping in feet first to volunteering where needed.

  1. KAB1

    Rick Keuroglian

    City Hope Alliance Executive Director

    Rick Keuroglian has lived in Augusta’s oldest neighborhood named Olde Town for 10 years.  Rick has been married to his college sweetheart, Melissa for 19 years and they have two amazing kids Riley who is a junior at Davidson High School and Cooper who is an Eighth grader at Heritage Academy.  Rick has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission and currently serving as Vice-Chair in the Downtown Development Authority.  Rick has started multiple initiatives to better our Downtown and is the founder and Executive Director for City Hope Alliance, which is a Community Development Non-Profit.

    Rick is honored to be on the Board of Keep Augusta Beautiful because Augusta is an amazing City that consists of amazing people and places and both desire a city to be showcased.  Rick’s hope is to use his networks, resources and skills to help this organization be a major asset to our community.

  1. 1

    Margaret Woodard

    Down Development Authority Executive Director
    Margaret Woodard is the current Executive Director for the Downtown Development Authority. Her involvement with Keep Augusta Beautiful is only fitting considering the mission of the Downtown Development Authority and her personal mission to give back to community through volunteerism. Margaret sits on the board of various other organizations and bring with her the knowledge of moving an organization forward in the community.

  1. KAB 4

    Essie Pitts

    South Augusta Resident
    Essie Pitts has been married to her wonderful husband of ten years, Retired-Staff Sergeant Roy A. Pitts from Augusta Ga.  In addition to being a wife, she is a mother of five children and eight grandchildren. Previously, devoting 26 years of employment as a Hemodialysis Technologist, Essie decided to further her education and attend Piedmont Technical College majoring in Nursing. When Essie is not devoted to family and school, she enjoy landscaping, home interior decorating. 

    There is a part of Essie desiring to dedicate a portion of her time to community service.  "Keeping Augusta Beautiful" was a part of Essie’s everyday vision, not knowing it was already in the works. She believe that visually appealing a city will not only increase value, but bring growth that our city needs. The sure way to make this possible is to bring in volunteered-led projects.  Essie would like the opportunity to organize a community beautification project in various areas. She is very passionate in every effort to keep our community clean and inviting.

  1. KAB 2

    Daniel Huang

    AU Manager of Health System Analytics

    Daniel Huang is a recent resident of Augusta coming from Atlanta. He currently works as a Manager of Health System Analytics at Augusta University Health. He previously worked at Deloitte Consulting in their healthcare practice and also has experience in the private equity industry. Daniel holds a Masters of Healthcare Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill and a BS and BA from Wheaton College.

    Daniel is experienced in management consulting, problem solving with limited resources, and managing teams to accomplish goals. He wants to use these skills for the betterment of the community he lives in. As a new resident, he’s experienced how other cities manage their green space and sees great potential for Augusta to progress to become a world class city.

    This is important as he settles down in Augusta, and wanting the best for his friends, family, and all residents of Augusta. He’s committed to investing in his community as it’s the place where he lives, works, and plays and eventually raises a family in this beautiful city. 

  1. KAB 3

    Mary Harrison

    CSRA EOA Community Services Director
    Mary Harrison is the Community Services Director for CSRA Economic Opportunity Authority, Inc. She graduated from Augusta (State) University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and also holds a Master of Education from Troy University.   With over 15 years of experience working in our community, planning and implementing projects, leading and serving on work groups/teams, and executing outcomes focused management at CSRA EOA, Inc., Mary’s experience lends well to being an active and contributory board member for “Keeping Augusta Beautiful”.  As a Georgia native and resident of Augusta, clean land, water, and air are important to our citizens and “Keeping Augusta Beautiful” is important for current and future residents and visitors to our community.

  1. KAB 12

    Donna Tyra

    Unified Code Enforcement Inspection Officer

    Donna Tyra is employed with the City of Augusta Planning and Development Department as a Unified Code Enforcement Inspection Team Officer II. She is a Certified Property Maintenance Inspector; level II Certified Georgia Association of Code Enforcement attendee with 29 years of experience.

    Working in Code Enforcement has allowed Donna to grow as an inspector and understand people and how the government system works. Donna’s purpose is to protect the health safety and general welfare of the citizens of Augusta Georgia. She is committed to providing thorough inspections and reports of code violations related to the property maintenance of interior and exterior of structures to include safety, fire hazards, unsanitary condition, rubbish, overgrowth, odor, hazardous/dead trees, setback violations, accessory structures, home occupations, parking, sign regulations, manufactured homes, unsafe open and vacant structures, etc. Codes that are enforced include International Property Maintenance Code (7-1-16), Public Nuisance Ordinance (7-2-2) Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (8-5-1) Scrap Tire  Ordinance (4-2-72), Mothball Ordinance (7-1-19), Salvage Yards ( 7-2-63), and State Nuisance Abatement Codes (O.C.G.A.).

    Donna can be an asset to the Keep Augusta Beautiful Chapter by providing knowledge gained through her experience as a Code Enforcement officer to include common areas of concern within Augusta. 

  1. KAB 8

    Shawn Hargis-Rhodes

    RCMO Code Enforcement Coordinator

    Shawn Rhodes is the Code Enforcement Coordinator for the Richmond County Marshal’s Office in Augusta, Georgia. She transitioned to this the position in July 2017 following an outstanding 21 year career as a Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Augusta. She is a certified code enforcement officer in the City.

    An Augusta native, Shawn has worked tirelessly in countless projects in the city, from working to get vulnerable people out of unsafe homes, to arranging community projects that revitalize entire neighborhoods.

    Shortly after joining the Marshal’s Office, Shawn was an integral part of starting the Augusta District Attorney’s C.A.V.E unit in August 2017.

  1. 1

    Sonya Johnson

    Rehabilitation Program Manager

    Sonya Johnson is currently the Rehabilitation Program Manager for Augusta’s Housing and Community Development Department. Sonya’s involvement with Keep Augusta Beautiful is integral to her mission to assist homeowners with repairs to their home and ensuring that homeowners are able to remain in their dwellings.

  1. KAB 9

    Mary Jacobson

    SRK Office Manager/Finance Director

  1. DeMargo Lewis

    RCBOE Community Engagement Specialist

  1. Glen Ford

    Operation Clean City Executive Director

  1. Teasha Prioleau

    Park and Rec Office Assistant

  1. Vickia Cullars

    Compliance, Executive Assistant