Augusta Maps Help

Below are some helpful tips, provided by the IT-GIS Division, for using the online mapping application, Augusta Maps.  Video tutorials, the Help Document and application's Quick Help are also available from the Augusta Maps Help menu.  For more specific instructions or information, please contact the GIS Division.
  1. Add Icon to Home Screen
  2. Road Name Search

​iOS Devices

  • Open the Safari web browser
  • Go to the Augusta Maps website (
  • Once the website loads, select the "Share" button at the bottom (Image 1)
  • Scroll until you see "Add to Home Screen" option, then select (Image 2)
  • A default name is provided, but can be changed.  Select add and a new icon will be added to the main screen of device (Image 3)
Image 1  Image 2  Image 3 
Homescreen1 Homescreen2 Homescreen3