Bulk Waste Collection

Curbside Bulk Waste Collection

Residential, Unoccupied Locations, and Vacant Lot customers are provided weekly bulk waste collection services.  Non-Residential customers can opt in or out of bulk waste/yard waste collection services.  Fees for compliant Bulk Waste collection services are included in the annual solid waste collection fees.  See flyer here.

What items are acceptable as Bulk Waste?

Bulk waste consists of household items that are too large to reasonably fit in the garbage cart.  The most common examples of bulk waste are furniture, mattresses, and appliances.  

What items are not acceptable as Bulk Waste?

  • Bulk Waste does not include garbage, yard waste, hazardous substances, tires, construction/demolition debris, automotive repairs, and other ineligible materials.
  • Tires - Augusta Environmental Services no longer picks up tires with the curbside collection.  Scrap tires can be recycled for free at Tire Recycling events.  
  • Evictions – Could qualify for normal weekly bulk waste pickup.  Please contact the Marshal’s Office or 311 for further instructions.  See more information.

Artificial and Flocked Christmas Trees

After Christmas and during the first two weeks in January, Augusta Environmental Services will offer artificial and  flocked Christmas tree pickup as part of its bulk waste program. Please remove all decorations, ornaments, lights, tree stand and place the tree out at the curb as bulk waste on your collection day for pickup.  (Live Christmas Trees without flocking will be collected as Yard Waste.)

Bulk Waste Guidelines

  • Total size of all bulk waste placed at curb for removal is 10 cubic yards (one 5x5x10 pile) per week Loose bulk items             must be bagged, boxed, or containerized
  • Loose bulk items must be bagged, boxed, or containerized
  • No heavy items; must be able to be handled by human power
  • Do not mix bulk waste with garbage, yard waste, or tires

How to place Bulk Waste for Removal

  • Place bulk waste at the curb at 6:00 a.m. on your day of service
  • Place bulk waste away from carts, mailbox, parked cars, poles, or low hanging limbs
  • Place loose bulk material in bags, boxes, or containers
  • For items containing glass, extensively tape and cross tape to prevent shattering
  • For older appliances that have locking mechanisms, please remove doors for safety
  • Do not block the sidewalk or have items extend into the street

Compliant Bulk Waste

In order for the bulk waste to be considered compliant:

  1. It must be acceptable as bulk waste; and
  2. The above bulk waste guidelines have been followed; and
  3. The bulk waste has been properly placed for removal.

Compliant bulk waste will be removed by your weekly bulk waste hauler.  There are no additional removal charges for compliant bulk waste.

Out-of-Compliance Bulk Waste

The bulk waste is considered out-of-compliance when:

  1. It is not acceptable as bulk waste; or
  2. The above bulk waste guidelines have not been followed; and/or
  3. The bulk waste has not been properly placed for removal.

Out-of-compliance bulk waste will not be removed by your weekly bulk waste hauler.  Augusta will collect and there are additional removal charges for out-of-compliance yard waste

Out-of-Compliance Bulk Waste Information 

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