Curbside Recycling Collection

Curbside Recycling Collection - 

Residential and Non-Residential customers are provided weekly recycle collection in a 96 gallon container with a blue lid.  The first recycling cart is included in the annual solid waste collection fees.  The second and additional recycle carts are available for additional fees.

Recycling is easier than ever with our single cart system.  All you have to do is place all recyclable items in a single cart, there is no sorting or separating on your end, and we take care of the rest! With one day per week garbage collection, increased recycling efforts can help reduce the amount of waste each home produces and eliminate the need for additional garbage cans.

Curbside Recycling Guidelines

  • Residents should roll out their carts by 6 a.m. the morning of scheduled collection, but not earlier than 5:00 p.m. the day prior.
  • Carts should be returned to a rear or side-yard location no later than 7:00 p.m. the evening of your scheduled collection.
  • A citation and fine may be assessed each time your cart is left out past the allotted time.
  • If your cart was roll-out within the proper timeframe but not emptied, please leave it out until serviced.
  • Report all missed collections within 24 hours by calling 311.
  • Overfilled carts with lids that do not close down to the body of the cart, with materials jutting out, or with materials placed on top or around the base will not be collected.
  • Carts containing contamination such as trash, plastic bags, glass, yard waste will not be collected until all contaminates are removed by the resident by their next collection day.
  • There is no charge for the first recycle cart.  Call 311 for additional recycle carts at annual fee of $77.63 per cart.

Recycle Contamination

When items are wrongly disposed of, such as placing garbage in the recycling cart, it creates contamination in the cart. The items you place in your recycling cart are delivered to sorting facilities and end-market recyclers. When items are placed in the recycling cart that should not be there, it increases our sorting costs, which is passed on to the customer as an increase in rates. So, in an effort to be more efficient, please only recycle materials that are approved by Augusta Environmental Services.

Recycle Cart Revocation

Augusta reserves the right to remove carts that are improperly used, have continued contamination, or which are not actively being used. Improper use includes trash in recycling carts, carts left in the public right of way (including alleys), abuse or destruction of carts outside of normal wear and tear, and uses deemed inappropriate by Augusta Solid Waste.

Waste Wizard

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