The Environmental Services Department (ESD) is responsible for administering a program for the Demolition of dilapidated houses and structures; as ordered by a Judge or those that are an immediate threat to public health and safety. This is a program that requires interaction and teamwork across various Augusta Departments.

The Demolition Process:

The Code Enforcement Officers within the Augusta Planning and Development Department; along with the cooperation of the Richmond County Marshal’s Office, pursue issues of Property Maintenance and code compliance with property owners.  When those property owners do not remedy the various items; it becomes the responsibility of Augusta to take action to bring the property into compliance with Augusta Code.  As such, once an order for demolition is provided, ESD takes action. 

  • A Survey of the property is conducted to identify asbestos-containing materials and any other hazardous conditions that may exist on the property.
  • The demolition of the property is placed out to bid.
  • The bid is awarded, and within 30 days, demolition will begin.
  • The contractor will insure all utilities are disconnected
  • The contractor will provide notice to GA EPD for intent to demolish the structure, and remove any and all ACM.  A 10-day waiting period is required.
  • Any ACM is removed; and the structure is demolished.
  • All material will be loaded and hauled away within 48 business hours.
  • The lot is graded, seeded, and mulch or hay is placed over the seeded areas.
  • The project is monitored and the contractor submits their invoice for payment.
  • A lien is placed on the property for the total amount of the demolition, landfill fees, and any other associated costs. 

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