Mission Statement

To provide investigations into all deaths requiring a public inquiry and to determine and record the cause and manner of death in order to affix responsibility and protect public health and safety.

The Coroner’s office responds to calls twenty-four hours a day, seven-days a week to investigate and determine Cause and Manner of Death. Coroner Mark Bowen and his staff investigate cases of homicide, suicide, accidental, undetermined and all natural deaths that are sudden, unexpected or medically unattended. The Coroner’s office is charged by Georgia Law to determine the Cause and Manner of Death by an extensive investigation which may include a post-mortem examination. This investigation is independent of the sheriff, police, fire departments and Medical Examiner’s but is done in conjunction with those other entities.

A post-mortem examination (autopsy) is ordered by this office only when it is vital in the determination of Cause and Manner of Death. When ordered by this office, a charge for the autopsy is never incurred by the family.

On completion of our Coroner’s investigation and post-mortem examination, the Coroner or his Deputy, upon delivery of a death certificate initiated by the Funeral Home, will complete said death certificate and return the certificate to the Funeral Director who is then responsible for having it certified. The death certificate is then made available to the family following the funeral or services. After that initial period, copies may be purchased from the Richmond County Department of Vital Records by calling 706-667-4319. The department of Vital Records is located in the Richmond County Health Department 1916 North Leg Road Augusta Ga.

If any personal items of the deceased are retained by the Coroner’s Office, you must possess and present a current photo identification card to pick up such items. Any prescription medications collected during our investigation will be destroyed following the investigation and not returned to the family.

The Coroner’s Office is made up of well-trained, educated individuals who are dedicated to investigating the cause of deaths, completing death reports, and treating families with support and respect. Additionally, the Coroner’s office partners with Law Enforcement agencies such as the Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, and the Child Abuse Protocol Committee in studying the facts surrounding deaths and their cause and manner. Everyone in the Coroner’s office regularly attends educational seminars to keep abreast of any new advances in death investigation as they are developed.

The Richmond County Coroner’s Office is located at 912 8th Street, Augusta Ga. 30901. The building is a secure facility and as such, you or your family will be subject to a security check at the entrance.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Investigate all deaths that occur in Richmond County as required by law
  • Take possession of all unclaimed bodies in Richmond County
  • Arrange for disposition of unclaimed bodies
  • Prepare and plan for mass fatality incidents
  • Systematically examine the circumstances surrounding the deaths in a geographical area and/or a given age group