Dover-Lyman Street & Drainage Improvement

  1. Description
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This project proposes to add sidewalks, storm drainage, and street resurfacing in the Dover-Lyman Neighborhood.
Project Type:  Infrastructure and Facilities
Department:  Engineering
Commission District: 5 & 6
Recommended Budget:  $1,600,000
Funding Source:  SPLOST 6

Dover-Lyman Project Groundbreaking

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Wednesday, May 31, 2017, to officially begin improvements in the Dover-Lyman neighborhood of Augusta.  Augusta Engineering Department Director Abie Ladson served as master of ceremonies.

Mayor Hardie Davis, Augusta Commissioners Ben Hasan, Dennis Williams, Andrew Jefferson and Sammie Sias, as well as Administrator Janice Allen Jackson attended. Mayor Davis, Commissioner Hasan and Administrator Jackson addressed the crowd, speaking of the significance of updating the neighborhood, adding conveniences and improved infrastructure.

The Dover-Lyman Rehabilitation Project is an approved SPLOST program, focusing on neighborhood infrastructure improvements. This project comprises roadway and drainage improvements, new curbs and gutters, streetlights, and the addition of sidewalks within the Lumpkin Park subdivision.

Most of the streets in the Dover-Lyman neighborhood were constructed in the 1950s. Over the years, the city has re-paved the roadways, leaving only a few inches of the tops of existing curbs. Plans indicate that moving some of the existing utilities also might be necessary, and adding sidewalks will be challenging in some areas.

With the turn of the shovels, construction ceremoniously began.