Marriage Licenses


If either party is a resident of Georgia, they can apply for a marriage license in any county in the State of Georgia. If neither party is a resident of Georgia, they will have to apply in the county they are going to get married in. The license allows for the marriage ceremony to take place in this State. You cannot use a Georgia license to marry in another state. However, an out of state person authorized to perform ceremonies, can use the license if the ceremony is performed in the State of Georgia.

All applicants for a marriage license must be at least 16 years old. Georgia law does not permit minors under the age of 16 to obtain a marriage license. If the age is 16 or 17 years old, the applicant must have parental consent. BOTH Parents must give consent in person by appearing in court with photo identification (such as a Driver’s License or Georgia ID card with your current correct address on it). Proof of age can be provided by a birth certificate, passport, driver’s licenses, or military ID.

If either party has been divorced, applicants must bring in a signed copy of the divorce decree for any and all marriages dissolved by divorce.

Online Marriage License Application

You can partially fill out the Marriage License Application online. If you click the graphic to the right, you will be presented with a form that you can fill out. Once you submit the form, you will need to go to the Probate Court to finish the application process during regular business hours. You do not need to come to the Court during the same business day.

Filling out the application online will save you time when you come to the Probate Court, but you are still required to have the appropriate identification and requirements as listed on this website.

Court Process

The application process takes about 20-30 minutes. The applicants receive the license the day they apply. The applicants must take the license to the person performing the ceremony. If you do not have an Officiate selected, a list can be provided upon request during the application process. The person performing the ceremony will then sign the license and return it to the court. The court will issue a certified copy of the marriage license and application to the applicants. The applicants will use the certified copy of the marriage license and certified copy of the application to change their name on Social Security cards, Driver’s licenses, and other legal documents.

To make application for a marriage license, both parties must appear in person at 735 James Brown Blvd., Suite 1000 between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

Applicants can begin the Application process online at for a faster in-office application time.


The cost of the marriage license is $76, CASH ONLY.

If the applicants have completed six hours of premarital counseling together, by a minister or licensed marriage counselor, and have a certificate of completion stating the required amount of hours completed within the last 12 months, the cost for the marriage license is $36, CASH ONLY.

Request a Copy

In order to get additional copies of the marriage license, applicants can come into the court or request a copy by mail. To mail in for a search, please include brides name at the time of marriage, the groom’s name, and the approximate year of marriage. Please include a phone number you can be reached at during the day. Applicants will need to make a check or money order payable to Richmond County Probate Court. The cost is $10 for the search fee and $10 for each certified copy of the marriage license, or $1.00 for each plain copy. Please mail all request to: Richmond County Probate Court, 735 James Brown Blvd. Ste 1000; Augusta, GA 30901. All requests will be processed and mailed within 2 business days.