SR 4 / 15th St Pedestrian Improvements

Project Number: RC07-000146
Project Name: SR 4 / 15th Street Pedestrian Improvements – Calhoun Expwy. to Central Avenue
GDOT ID: 0011408
Project Description:
R/W & CST phase in STIP. Pedestrian and related traffic operations improvements along SR 4/15th Street, between SR 28/Calhoun Expressway and Central Avenue, in Augusta. Recommendations include constructing raised islands at some intersections to provide pedestrian refuge, reconstructing existing ADA ramps to meet current standards, construct ADA compliant ramps where none currently exist, restriping existing crosswalks to extend to the curb or raised islands, installing audible traffic signals and signs at two major intersections, and constructing 20-foot wide medians at selected locations on SR 4/15th Street to restrict conflicting vehicle movements and provide a pedestrian refuge area.

Original Budget Projections

Phase  Total Project Cost  Total TIA Amount
PE  $72,585  $72,585
CST  $920,110  $920,110
ROW  $1,800,000  $1,800,000 
UTL  $2,250,000  $2,250,000
Total $5,042,695 $5,042,695

This project would benefit the public by potentially reducing the incidence of crashes along this roadway segment, corridor, and/or intersection.

This project could have a positive impact(s) for the local corridor and community while enhancing the efficiency and mobility of the regional transportation system.  Other examples of possible benefits are:  enhancing activity centers and the connectivity between other activity centers, reducing environmental impacts, and benefiting local communities and public health.