Richmond ITS Master Plan Implementation

Project Number: RC07-000121
Project Name: Intelligent Transportation System Master Plan Implementation-Richmond County
GDOT ID: 0011392
Project Description:
In 2002, the MPO Commissioned development of a Master Plan for Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS), also known as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This project would implement the first phase of this master plan in Richmond County. This initial phase would install fiber-optic infrastructure, cameras, speed-detection devices, and dynamic message boards along heavily traveled corridors. This information would then be broadcast to a management center as well as through web-based media to transportation officials, media, and the general public in order allow for informed routing decisions in order to avoid congested corridors. System would be dynamic in that it will provide routing suggestions as well as real-time video for emergency response activities in addressing incidents on the roadway system. Project is county-wide- no map included.

Original Budget Projections
 Phase  Total Project Cost  Total TIA Amount
 PE $500,000 $500,000
ROW  $50,000 $50,000
CST  $4,000,000  $4,000,000
Total $4,550,000 $4,550,000

This project would benefit the public by potentially reducing the incidence of crashes along this roadway segment, corridor, and/or intersection.