Richmond County Aviation Aprons-Bush Field

Project Number: RC07-000135
Project Name: Rehabilitate Air Carrier and General Aviation Aprons
GDOT ID: 0011399
Project Description:

The purpose of the project is to rehabilitate the pavement on the air carrier and general aviation aprons.

Original Budget Projections
 Phase  Total Project Cost  Total TIA Amount
 PE $300,000  $300,000 
 CST $8,100,400  $8,100,400 
 Total $8,400,400  $8,400,400 

This project could assist in having a positive impact on the economic vitality for this region, and in some cases possibly for the entire state.  Its impact could also be observed along the roadway segment, corridor, and/or intersection.  Example benefits could be: improved access to jobs; improved travel times for drivers; increased lane capacity; improved efficiency and reliability for freight cargo/goods movement; providing border to border and inter-regional connectivity; and improve local connectivity to statewide transportation network.

This project would benefit the public by ensuring the safe condition of airport infrastructure serving commercial and general aviation aircraft. The project will rehabilitate the pavement on the Air Carrier and general Aviation aprons. Failure to repair the aprons could result in increased congestion if the aprons have to be taken out of service for any length of time. Failure to repair the aprons could result in the loss of revenue to the airport.