Live Wills

You may choose to file your Will with the Probate Court for safekeeping. The Will is placed in the court vault, which is a secured room. The Will remains in the vault until you withdraw it or the Court is notified of your death.

Court Process:

You or someone you authorize brings your Will down for filing and pays the filing fee of $15.00. You or your attorney can withdraw your Will at any time if you decide you want to change the Will or place it somewhere else. The Court does not allow any other individual to see your Will during your lifetime.

When it is time to probate your Will, the Executor or attorney will need to produce an obituary, funeral program, or death certificate. The Clerk can remove the Will from the “Live Will” files to the “ Deceased Will” files. The Will cannot be released to anyone, other than another Court that might have jurisdiction, upon your death. The clerk can give a purported COPY of your Will to your Executor, attorney, or other individual upon your death. This allows a person then to probate your Will, which means proving this was your Last Will and Testament and the Executor can follow your directions according to your Will.