Emergency & Transit Vehicle Preemption System

Project Number: RC07-000137
Project Name: Richmond County Emergency and Transit Vehicle Preemption System
GDOT ID: 0011400
Project Description:
Improved operational efficiency of the transit system has been shown to encourage ridership and reduce single occupant vehicles on the road. This project would provide transit prioritization at signalized intersections along the more congested corridors. Moreover project would increase safety by providing emergency vehicle preemption along heavily traveled corridors to reduce the risk of crash occurrence during emergency response activities.

Original Budget Projections
 Phase  Total Project Cost  Total TIA Cost
 PE  $250,000  $250,000
 CST  $1,250,000  $1,250,000
 Total  $1,500,000  $1,500,000


This project would benefit the public by potentially reducing the incidence of crashes along this roadway segment, corridor, and/or intersection.
This project will provide mobility options for all travelers; improve access to employment; and help mitigate congestion and maximize the use of existing infrastructure by promoting high-occupancy travel.