13th Street Improvements

Project Number: RC07-001223
Project Name: 13th Street (RA Dent to Reynolds Street)
GDOT ID: 0011424
Project Description:
This project would improve roadway capacity and safety by resurfacing and reconstructing the existing curb and gutter, sidewalks, and storm sewer system on 13th Street from RA Dent to Reynolds Street.

Original Budget Projections (2011):

 Phase  Total Project Cost  Total TIA Amount
 PE $23,397   $23,397
 ROW $1,220,000   $1,220,000
 CST $292,458  $292,458
 UTL $1,525,000  $1,525,000
 Total  $3,060,855  $3,060,855

Please note all cost estimates are in 2011 dollars and actual costs for all phases at year of expenditure will be higher.

This project could potentially maximize the full utility of an existing transportation facility(s). In some cases, bypasses will be necessary.  Example benefits could be: mitigating congestion (e.g. operational improvements) and optimizing capital asset management (e.g. resurfacing, rehabilitation). The impacts would apply to this roadway segment, corridor, and/or intersection.