Street Lighting Petition

Augusta’s Street Lighting Program is for citizens to request street lights be installed on existing county owned public streets in Augusta, GA.  To begin the process, the citizen should use this petition to obtain property owners’ signatures on the street where lighting is being requested.  The petition must be signed by more than fifty percent (50%) of the property owners (persons renting cannot sign).

Step 1
  • Fill out Petition Request Form below for each individual street with only those property owners on that street signing the petition. (Multiple streets require additional petitions. Individuals owning more than one property on that street, need to list all owned properties on the Petition)
  • Petitioners have 90 days to submit the completed form to the Engineering Traffic Operations Division.  After 90 days the petition will automatically close out in the system as no longer a valid petition and a resubmittal will be required.

    Note: The petition must be signed by the actual property owner according to the Tax Commissioner's official office records. All property, whether developed or undeveloped, will be included and will be charged. All property owners should be shown this petition whether they sign or not so that they are aware of its existence.

Step 2
  • The submitted signed petition is checked by the traffic office, then advertised for Public Hearing and presented to the Commission for approval.  The process takes approximately one (1) month from our receipt of the completed petition
Step 3
  • Once approved by the Commission, Augusta will assess the residents of this new street lighting district an annual fee per parcel to fund the lighting.  The annual assessment will be included with the regular property taxes and will be paid in the same manner at the Tax Commissioner's Office.
  • The approved streetlights are typically installed by the power company within four to eight weeks after approval by the Commission. Installation is subject to their availability and not controlled by the Augusta Commission or Traffic Division.

Street Light District Fee Calculation

Installation Cost (year one only)  +  Yearly Power Cost ÷ Number of Properties  =  Fee Per Property

·   Lights installed in the first six months of the calendar year will be assessed for the whole year.

·   Lights installed in the last six months will be charged for half a year

Proper street illumination is always maintained within limits recommended by American Standard Practice for Roadway Lighting.  The assessment is subject to revision; should the Georgia Public Service Commission grant a rate increase to the Power Company.

Additional information may be obtained by calling this office at (706) 821-1847 or dial 311.
Thank you for contacting the Engineering Traffic Operations Division.