Compressed Natural Gas

At Augusta Solid Waste we’re driven by our commitment to work towards making Augusta a cleaner, greener and smarter place to live. A sign of this commitment is that all of our garbage and recycling trucks, as well as street sweepers, are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), which burns cleaner to contribute to a better environment.
As part of our transition to this alternate fuel source, we built a compressed natural gas fuel station.  As the demand for CNG increases with business fleet and consumer vehicles converting to CNG, our goal is to add additional CNG stations within Augusta.

We’ve chosen to power our trucks with CNG because it burns cleaner than diesel and other conventional fuels. Plus, here’s something you’ll appreciate – CNG-powered trucks are quieter, so you won’t hear us coming through your neighborhood!
Compressed natural gas improves efficiency of vehicles, and compared to conventional fuels, it emits significantly fewer pollutants, such as carbon dioxide (about 25% less), carbon monoxide (about 90-97% less), nitrogen oxides (up to 65% less), non-methane hydrocarbons (up to 75% less), which means fewer cancer-causing pollutants and practically no particulate matter.

Other advantages of running on compressed natural gas fuel compared to other hydrocarbon fuels include reduced maintenance costs; extended lubricating oil life, since CNG doesn’t dilute crankcase oil; and elimination of fouled sparked plugs, as CNG is free of lead or benzene.


as we pick up trash throughout the community, to make Augusta
a cleaner, more attractive place to live,

we’ll help keep the air cleaner, too!