Education and Events

As a partner and service provider to the Augusta, Georgia community, Augusta Environmental Services strives offer a variety of community-focused programs and events to benefit our citizens.   We offer the following programs, events, and information:


Event Recycling Program

– having an event and want your visitors to recycle? Need some bins?  We can help!  Complete and submit the attached form to borrow some recycle bins for your next event

Civic Group Tire collection Program

-- Making your community a more beautiful place to live, work, and play is easy. If you are a civic or non-profit group ready to collect tires from a specific area within Richmond County, we can help you plan your event and make money for your organization at the same time! Augusta will pay your group $2.00 per passenger vehicle tire that is collected and brought to the Augusta-Richmond County Landfill.  Please see this form.


Scrap Tire Recycling Events

– these events are FREE and are held on a quarterly basis at the Solid Waste Facility and are free to Richmond County residents.  Each event runs from 8am – noon on the third Saturday in February, May, August, and November.  A few basic rules:  1) each customer must provide proof of Richmond County residency; 2) tires are not accepted from tire businesses or commercial customers; 3) tires may be on or off the rim; 4) please be prepared to unload your vehicle. 

If you have an excessive number of tires, or are working with Code Enforcement or the Richmond County Marshal’s Office to clean up your property, please contact us form more information on how we can assist your efforts. 

For more information or to see the schedule please check our events


Household Hazardous Waste

–  We are here to help residents and customers safely and properly dispose of their household hazardous waste items.  Whether it is an old can of paint, or a bottle of insecticide, we can help.  See flyer here.


– Ever thought of starting a compost bin in your yard but don’t quite know where to start?  See flyer here.


– Instead of bagging and throwing your grass clippings away, try grasscycling.  It is a natural way to enrich your soil and keep your lawn looking beautiful.  See flyer here.

Needle Disposal

– Needles, syringes, lancets, and other “sharps” are considered to be special care items, and can be harmful to those collecting your garbage.  Please refer to this flyer for disposal guidelines for these items. 

TreeCycle your Christmas Tree

– after the Christmas Holiday, and into the month of January, Augusta will collect your Christmas tree at the curb free of charge – if you participate in our garbage collection program. Live trees should have no decorations and be placed at the curb.  Fake trees should have all decorations removed and be placed for bulky waste collection.  See flyer here.