Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping in Augusta is provided by the Stormwater program.  Please contact 311 with any specific requests regarding Street Sweeping in Augusta.

The most visible advantage of street sweeping is how it improves the appearance of our streets and neighborhoods. It removes litter, leaves and other debris that collect in the gutters, and it reduces the amount of dust and dirt that can blow into your home or vehicle. But it provides more important benefits as well. It prevents accumulating litter and debris from clogging storm sewer drains and contributing to flooding during heavy rains. And by removing pollutants from the streets, street sweeping improves the quality of stormwater runoff.
Cleaner stormwater runoff means fewer pollutants enter and pollute our waterways, where they can threaten fish and other wildlife. Street sweepers can even remove the tiniest bits of metal and other virtually invisible hazardous waste left behind by vehicles – which can be particularly injurious to wildlife.

Removing pollution from street surfaces through street sweeping is much more cost effective than removing it from the stormwater system or streams and rivers.