Vacant Lot / Litter Collection

County Vacant Lot Ordinance States:
  • Weeds, undergrowth or other plant life cannot exceed 12 inches high.
  • Structures on the property must be maintained.
  • Stagnant water, trash, debris and other objects that are unsightly or unsanitary are prohibited – this causes infestation of rodents, vermin and can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • It is the owner’s responsibility to comply with this ordinance, according to the annual notice. If the violations have not corrected after 10 days from receiving the annual notice, the city of Augusta will come and take care of the issues at the expense of the property owner.
County Fees

Grapple Truck $90/hour
Roll Off Truck $90/hour
Read Load Truck $90/hour
Skid Steer/Backhoe $75/hour
Tractor $50/hour
Inmate Crew $50/hour
Contract Labor Crew $50/hour
Labor/Per Person $25/hour
Sprayer $200/acre
Disposal $15/yard
Tires $5/each
Administrative Fees $20/each
Vacant Lot , Inmate Crew $200/hour
Vacant Lot , Contract Labor $200/hour
Vacant Lot , Admin Fee $100/each

When a vacant lot is reported as not maintained, the county steps in:

If the grass is measured over twelve inches, it’s too tall. A measuring device is used to measure the height.
The County will arrive at the lot and mow the overgrown vegetation and pick up all debris and trash.
Vacant lot is clean, trash is picked up, and the lot looks freshly maintained.
The County will issue a bill to the owner of the vacant lot for the expenses and labor incurred.