Residential Services

At Augusta Solid Waste, we put a lot of thought and care into providing prompt, dependable, affordable residential curbside collection. As a result, you don’t have to think much about your trash, recycling, yard waste or bulk waste pickups. You don’t have to wonder when we’re coming for the different collections. You can count on our service-minded crews to provide you with curbside pickup for all collections the same day each week.

The variations in service represent the smarter, flexible service options that we will be rolling out for all of our residential customers, offering one day per week pickups, with all garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulk waste collected on the same day. You’ll be able to choose from different sizes and quantities of garbage carts to fit your trash collection needs.

Cleaner Augusta

Our garbage collection crews are a clear reflection of the dedication Augusta Solid Waste puts into

making Augusta a cleaner, more healthful community

. They’re dedicated to serving you and take pride in their work – helping to keep your neighborhood and city looking its best.

Greener Augusta

Augusta Solid Waste’s dedication to making Augusta a better place to live extends beyond our trash removal services. All Augusta Solid Waste garbage collection vehicles run on

compressed natural gas

. It burns cleaner and creates fewer emissions than conventional fuels. This practice contributes to cleaner, more breathable air in our neighborhoods and city. Click here to learn more about Augusta Solid Waste’s usage of compressed natural gas.

Smarter Augusta

We also do our part for a cleaner Augusta through regular community clean-up days, street sweeping services and school educational programs centered on recycling and helping the environment. By giving back to the community in various ways we are making a positive difference in our city’s future. Click here to learn more about our community events.