Stormwater Fee Lookup Instructions

To look up the Stormwater Fee for a specific property, please follow the instructions below:

How to Use the Property Lookup

  • Click on the link to the Stormwater Fee Map Lookup in the menu on the left side of this page. You can also click on this link: Stormwater Fee Lookup.
  • Click Search, then choose the first Search Option beneath it.
  • Type the address or parcel number in the search box that appears. This will let you zoom in to the property that you are interested in. For example, type "535 Telfair St". The menu will display suggestions of valid addresses as you type.
  • Enter or click the magnifying glass when you are done.
  • The map should zoom to the property/address that you selected.
  • When the map zooms in, you will see aerial photography and parcels that have been color-coded for their Stormwater Fee amount. For Residential Properties, you will see the color below and the dollar amount on the screen.
    • Yellow: $0 - usually properties that are new construction, but may be updated soon with an actual fee.
    • Red: $6.40 per month
    • Blue: $12.80 per month
    • Gray: Commercial or Institutional Property. This information is available by clicking on "Identify", then using the property characteristics at the upper left of the screen. See the instructions below to learn about the values for Commercial and Institutional property.
  • For Commercial Properties, find the parcel of land using the address as was described above. Then click on the Identify button at the top of the screen, (shown in the image below).
  • After you click the Identify button, click on the parcel on the map.
  • In the window at the upper left, use the "Next" button to scroll to the screen that says "STORMWATER FEE". You will see the dollar amount for the parcel.