Prison Rape Elimination Act

2016 PREA Audit

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2017 Annual Report

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2018 Annual Report

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2021 PREA Annual Report

In (2021), Richmond County Correctional Institution did not have any PREA Allegations. The institution remains committed to comply with all PREA mandates.


In (2022) the Richmond County Correctional Institution had one (1) Substantiated PREA Allegation.


In (2023) the Richmond County Correctional Institution had no reported PREA Allegations.

PREA Information

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was passed by Congress in (2003). The act calls for and mandates several provisions and standards for prisons and correctional facilities to adhere to. Two of which are the elimination of prison sexual assaults and sexual harassment.

Richmond County Correctional Institution (RCCI) recognizes that sexual assaults and sexual harassment are important issues that can affect the security and safety of offenders and staff. Therefore, RCCI strongly adhere to the Georgia Department of Corrections’ (PREA) policy- (208.06), and the Federal (PREA) standards adopted by congress.

The institution has mandated a zero-tolerance for all forms of sexual assaults and sexual harassments. This includes offenders on offenders, staff on offenders and/or contractors on offenders. All allegations are thoroughly investigated by the institution’s Sexual Abuse Response Team (SART), and/or by the Georgia Department of Corrections Office of Professional Standards (OPS), and violators (staff, offenders, contractors) will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

RCCI strongly believes that education and training can help to eliminate prison sexual assaults/harassment. Therefore, all staff, contractors and offenders are educated and receive on-going training regarding the institution’s and GDC’s PREA policies. In addition, criminal background checks are conducted on all staff/contractors, and each offender is assessed to determine possible risks for sexual abuse.

All staff/contractors/offenders are strongly encouraged to report all forms of sexual abuse and harassment to prison officials: (2314 Tobacco Rd. Augusta, GA 30906)/ (706-798-5572). In addition, offenders have access to a toll-free (PREA Hotline), and they can also write the GDC Ombudsman Office and the Parole Board Victim Services.

The overall goal of the institution is to detect, prevent, intervene, investigate and prosecute all forms of sexual abuses. All reports including third party will be taken seriously. The well-being and safety of the alleged victim(s) will be top priority. Sexual Assault victims will also have access to the Augusta Rape Crisis Center. To date, the institution has no reported cases of abuse/assault.

In the event of a reported sexual abuse/assault, all appropriate authorities to include the RCCI’s (SART), GDC’s Regional Director, GDC’s Regional Special Agent in Charge (SAC), GDC’s Statewide PREA Coordinator, GDC’s Office of Investigation and local authorities will be notified.